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Welcome to the Maple Grove Gymnastic Team


To download and print the informational packet 

Team Philosophy


We will strive to be the best we can be at all times in and out of the gym

We will support and encourage each other to be a positive influence

We will train at our fullest ability and represent the team in a positive manner.



Gymnastics - Gymnastics is a discipline sport.  If gymnasts want to have success at it, they must make sacrifices. Keeping a balance life is the key to a successful gymnastics season.



   The coaches are very excited about the start of the season and feel that it will be another successful one. Head Coach Shannon Hoover has been with the MGGT for nine years with three years prior at Elk River/Rogers. Coach Jason Bell (spotter) has been with MGGT for four years. Coach Sabrina Dancer (choreographer) has been with MGGT for six years. Courtney Simenson (Yoga/Barre) is a MGGT alumni and is in her third year as a high school coach.  

   Our main goal is to improve our team and have fun doing it. We are a team first, and individuals second. All gymnasts are encouraged to support their teammates. Friendly competition is imperative to having a well-rounded team.  We will build character, not simply good athletes.  We will develop the whole person.  We will recognize achievements, no matter how small.  We will set high standards with being fair, structured, and disciplined. A positive attitude is a must and will be stressed and maintained throughout the season


   Gymnastics is a very demanding sport, which requires much dedication. The dedicated gymnast reaps many rewards. This takes a very special person and the experience will stay with them always.



  • Athletic Physical Form - download and print physical form, complete and return to MGSH Athletics/Activities Office

  • Athletic/activity registration is currently underway. You must register online with a parent’s FeePay. There is no longer a fee for online payment.

  • Athletes must be registered and cleared BEFORE the season / try-outs begin.

  • Registration fee ($190) or copy of free/reduced lunch letter is due upon registration.

  • A copy of current physical (3 years current) must be provided or on file in the Athletics/Activities office.

  • 7th & 8th grade athletes are required to participate in the high school boundary area in which they live.

Violation District Rules


Please read the bylaws made by the school district addressing varies violations and discipline.

Any violation committed on the MGGT will resulted in the termination of Captain Role.



1. A student shall not engage in sexual, racial or religious harassment or sexual, racial, religious violence or hazing during the school year or any portion of an activity season which occurs prior to the start of the school year or after the close of the school year.

2. Sexual, Racial, Religious Harassment and Hazing Violations A. Penalty for Category I Activities: 1) First Violation: The student shall lose eligibility for the next two consecutive interscholastic contests or two weeks, 14 calendar days, of a season in which the student is a participant, whichever is greater.



The high school supplies the athletes Competition leotard. This item is to be returned at the end of the season before the end of the year team banquet.




Our athletic trainer is AJ Syler. His email is

AJ will be on staff while we are training in the gym. He will be the person we will go to for any injuries or sickness. AJ will let me know if the injury should be.



     Team members must be willing to put in extra practice time, both during the season and the off-season. Your routines should be completed BEFORE the season begins for all returning H.S. gymnasts. They should dedicate themselves to working hard at practice, which will be rewarded in competition.


     Practices and home meets will be held at Maple Grove High School. Practice days are Monday-Friday 6:00-8:30pm &  Saturdays 9:00-11:00am, times may vary depending on the week. I will send out and email every week to notify times.


Our goals will not be achieved if we are not present to work toward them.  There is a lot of truth to the saying that "practice makes perfect".  If you know of an absence ahead of time, please let a coach know and write it on the gym calendar. Excusable absences include illness, church or a death in the family. Work is not an excused absence. Doctor and dentist appointments should try to be scheduled around practices. All communication in this subject is between the gymnasts and Coach Shannon unless the gymnasts is unable.


Please note that when there is no school during season we may have practice, practice dates and times are all stated on the schedule. This is provided for gymnasts and families to plan accordingly. I will send out a weekly email to go over the schedule too as a reminder of the weeks schedule. Things change so please check it frequently.


  • Everyone is expected to be in the gym warming up at practice time. Seeing the trainer, icing and tapping must be done prior to practice time, plan accordingly. Gymnasts must have everything they need and use the restroom before practice begins. We need to use our time to the fullest. 

  • Leaving early or coming in late must be excused. Coach Shannon needs to know one day in advance of any such occurrence. Use the gym calendar to write any appointments vacations that are known of ahead of time.

  • A student who is absent from school more than a one class hour will not be allowed to practice or compete in a meet unless she has a written slip from her doctor, or we receive a call from her doctor.

  • A student who is truant or unexcused from school for one hour will not be eligible to participate in practice or a meet on that day.

  • Injured athletes must attend practice to work on whatever areas are possible and to assist others, unless they are excused by the coach. Remember gymnasts are still on the team and should commit just as much as they would have when they are healthy.

  • Flexibility and conditioning will be a part of the daily routine. This is to help prevent injury and the learning of skills.



  • We will place emphasis on form over individual stunts. We will build routines that are within the range of the gymnasts' capabilities; safe but challenging, with emphasis on competition over difficulty. Routines will be delivered which set the maximum score for meeting the requirements.

  • Gymnasts will be placed in groups for practicing purposes. Each gymnast will be expected to rotate to all four events unless arrangements have been made with a coach.

  • The team will be prepared for the end of the year, J.V. Conference, Section and State meets, with dual meets as guides or checks to see improvement, develop depth, and gain experience.

  • Coach Shannon will have random grade checks throughout the season. The student athlete must be passing all classes in order to compete.



  • There are 5 competitors on each of the four events for varsity, and 8 competitors for junior varsity. Whether or where a gymnast competes depends on their gymnastics ability, how hard they work in practice, attendance, attitude, etc. Everyone is expected to attend all home and away duel meets, whether competing or not. We must support each other as a team.

  • The Junior Varsity Champion team will be the winner of the J.V. Conference.

  •  Sections will be held mid February. The Team that wins 1st place goes to state, the individual that place 1st -3rd in AA go to state and 4th and 5th on each event.

  • The line up is determined by the coaches.

  • Once warm ups begin, the gymnasts are not allowed to be in the stands with friends or parents until the competition has completed. They need to focus on the competition.

  • No Cell phones on the bus, during practice or meets, unless given permission from a coach. Cell phones will be collected prior to getting on the bus for the meets and returned at completion of the meet…even if you’re not IN the meet. It is important to get focused for competition and not distracted by others.

  • Attendance of practice: the gymnast must be at practice the day before a meet to be eligible to compete in the meet.

  • No gymnast is allowed to leave a competition without clearing it with Coach Shannon.

Home dual meets


We have eight dual home meets. For dual meets some equipment needs to be rearranged/cleaned for competition before the meet. We will meet at 4:00 in our gym. All gymnasts are required to help with set up, unless cleared with Coaches.


 The order of competition for dual meets is as follows:

1st  Rotation   Home-vault:   Var then J.V.       Away-bars:  J.V.  then Var.

2nd  Rotation- Home-bars:    J.V. then Var.     Away-vault:  Var. then J.V.

3rd   Rotation- Home-beam: Var then J.V.       Away-floor:  J.V.  then Var.

4th  Rotation-  Home-floor:    J.V. then Var.     Away-beam: Var. then J.V.

Away meets


For the away meets, gymnasts are not required to ride on the bus home with the team. Coach Shannon encourages it for team camaraderie, but it is not a district rule.

The bus will pick up and drop off at the Maple Grove gymnastics gym Door D. We will let the gymnasts know what time we will leave and approximate time when we should return. Please prearrange a ride after meets.

Gymnasts and managers are responsible for getting assigned equipment to and from the school for away meets.



We have five scheduled Saturday invitational meets this year. Three invites are both JV and Varsity.  Most invite team line-ups are limited to 5 gymnasts per event with one alternate. All gymnasts are encouraged to attend whether competing or not.



State Meet

         There are eight class AA sections that represent the State H.S. League Team competition on a Friday in late February. The Individual competition is on that Saturday.




Gymnasts may letter by achieving one of the following set criteria:

  • perform at the varsity level

  • perform at the Section Meet

  • be a senior with previous competition at the high school level

  • meet one of the following score standards, three times:

      Vault – 8.40;     Bars – 8.20;     Beam – 8.00;     Floor - 8.20

  • The coaching staff may award a letter due to special circumstances (illness, injury, etc.)

  • Letters may be denied due to attitude problems or disciplinary action.

Earned honors


All Conference Event: Average score (highest 6 out of 8 conference meets) top 6 all arounders, plus top 3 event individuals by their average score for 18 total gymnasts out of the 9 conference teams.

All Section Event: top 4 all arounders, plus top 3 events by their average score for 16 total gymnasts from the 9 4AA section teams.

All Section Academic: in the top 5% in their graduation Class.

All State Event: Average of 6 scores (1 of 5 teams or more or Invite)               

Vault 9.3, Bars 9.2, Beam 9.2, Floor 9.4, A.A. 36.5

     Honorable Mention: Vault 8.7, Bars 8.5, Beam 8.4, Floor 8.7, A.A. 8.4

All American Event: Average of 5 scores (2 from 5 teams or more or Invite)

             Vault 8.7, Bars 8.5, Beam 8.5,  Floor 8.8, A.A. 8.4

     Elite: Vault 9.4, Bars 9.4, Beam 9.35, Floor 9.5, A.A. 9.3

All-American Team: Average of 3 team scores counting top 3 score per event      (1 meet needs to be 5 teams or more or an Invite)

MGGT website


Check our MGGT website for team information. Practice times and meet information, will be updated it frequently.

Booster Club


We have an organized booster club made up of parents of gymnast.

I look forward to another amazing year with your girls! Go Crimson!

Thank you for your cooperation!



Maple Grove Head Gymnastics Coach

Shannon Hoover


Maple Grove Athletic Director

Ricardo Jones

Maple Grove High School Gymnastics 2018-19

Rules and Information Packet



GYMNAST NAME_______________________________________________


PARENT/GUARDIAN NAMES_____________________________________




            NAME                            PHONE                    EMAIL


_______________________     ________________  ___________________        


_______________________     ________________  ___________________        


_______________________     ________________  ___________________        


_______________________     ________________  ___________________        



Signing this is stating that you have read the Maple Grove High School Gymnastics information packet, you understand it,



GYMNAST SIGNATURE_____________________________       DATE____________



PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE______________________      DATE____________



*If for some reason there are days you will be gone during the season and you know now what those days / times are, please write them down and explain why you will be gone. We can discuss them in more detail later.

Team Philosophy
Booster club
Informational Form
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